• An untold part of stop-and-frisk: Underwear searches

    “From my experience, representing hundreds of clients, it is routine,” said attorney Michael Diamondstein. “It’s almost like clients don’t bring it up anymore. … The problem is, no one is worried about it until it happens to them. It’s not always a bad guy. A lot of times it’s just people of color or people that live in the lower-income neighborhoods.”

  • Just Who Is This Lawyer That Seth Williams Can’t Afford?

    Seth Williams is having some problems. Oh, not just that pesky little arrest and all those federal charges. He’s also having lawyer issues. Williams enlisted the assistance of in-demand Center City attorney Michael Diamondstein, but now Diamondstein is begging off the case, citing ethical issues as well as the fact that Williams can’t afford to pay up. A judge has given Williams until this Friday to sort it all out, and in the meantime, we got to wondering, who the heck is Michael Diamondstein?

  • Diamondstein wins new hearing for man convicted of Murder

    Represented by another lawyer, Derrell Savage was convicted for murder by a Philadelphia jury on December 14th, 2006.  Mr. Savage, while always claiming his innocence, maintained that the Philadelphia Police Department coerced an untrue statement from him.  Mr. Savage toiled year after year trying to have his claims heard by a court.  Unfortunately, his court appointed lawyer wasn’t able to convince the trial judge to allow his allegations to be aired.  Mr. Savage’s father, still holding out hope that his son would be exonerated, hired Michael J. Diamondstein to undertake his appeal.  That decision may have saved Derrell Savage’s life.  As held by the Superior Court, Mr. Diamondstein was successful in convincing the judges that Justice demanded that Mr. Savage’s meritorious claims of inappropriate police conduct should be litigated in open court.  Derrell Savage will now have the opportunity to show that the homicide detective’s version of what happened is not true. Appeal Won For Man Convicted of Murder

  • Cops: Alleged DUI driver slams into home

    Carmen Adamo was watching TV at home last night when he heard a “tremendous bang.”
    “I thought it was a gas explosion,” the Korean War veteran and former Philadelphia Police officer told the Daily News last night. ” I shot out of my chair.”